How to choose the right day office for your Chicago business.

The office has returned to our weekly routines. Despite changes in frequency and function, it has remained an ideal place to collaborate with teams, accomplish tasks, and increase focus and professionalism. If you’re one of many Chicago business owners looking for a day office as the city returns to normal, it is likely that you’re facing an abundance of options. 

The following 3 guidelines will help you to narrow down your search for the right place to rent an office or conference room by the hour. 

1.Meets Modern Office Standards

A good quality day office will meet the standard of today’s largely hybrid workforce in 3 key areas: Videoconferencing Capabilities, Cleanliness & Safety, and Flexibility.

Videoconferencing capability

 IOS conference room tables are equipped with HDMI ports for direct-to-tv screen sharing & videoconferencing.

In today’s business landscape, the ability to connect and collaborate with those outside your immediate area is paramount. Look for an office that is capable of providing you with a high quality video conferencing experience.  

Features to look for:

  • Easily accessible outlets
  • HDMI cables
  • Conference room screens with screen sharing capabilities. 
  • Good office lighting 
  • Strong Wi-Fi 


Cleanliness & Safety

infographic about day office cleanliness and safety.




Chicago has fully opened, many of its occupants have been vaccinated, and mask mandates have been lifted in many areas. However, office cleanliness and safety are still important to consider if we are to continue the trend of improvement and quell personal or team concerns. Look for safety measures and cleanliness standards of the office. such as disinfection of common areas, proper air filtration & hand sanitizing stations and other disinfecting supplies available to tenants. 









The modern workweek can be unpredictable. It’s important that the day office and its features are available with no-commitment. It can be a strain on productivity and finances if you end up committing to more office time than you need. The best day office options allow you to sign up for only the hours you plan to work, whether that’s all day, a half day, or just an hour or two.

IOS offers Commitment Free Day Offices & Conference rooms. Learn More Here.

 2. Key Office Features

Many have questioned the necessity of office space in the last year. Many continue working from home. It is important that you can be assured your day office can provide you with more than your home or coffee shop can. The ideal day office will supply you with:

Access to printers, scanners, and fax machines

For the best value, ensure there is more equipment available to you than your own laptop. 

Reliable Telecom  

Ask about telecom quality & available equipment for calling. Also, make sure international calling is an option if necessary for your business.  

Strong Wi-Fi & Ethernet

The stronger your connection, the more efficient you can be in your allotted time.

Office Supplies 

General office supplies will help you to stay organized when working. Make sure these are available to you for the best experience. 

Admin Support

Look for a day office that includes administrative support staff to maximize your time in the office. Admins will handle clerical tasks such as completing print jobs, mailing services, catering arrangements, or scanning documents, which allow you to spend your time on more pressing tasks. 

3. Professionalism

A good quality day office will provide you a level of professionalism not available to you at home.

What to look for:

Sound Level

When touring a space, pay attention to the sound level & ask your tour guide if the current volume can be expected consistently. It can be difficult to get work done if your thoughts or calls are being drowned out by the meeting in the next office. To get the most value out of your rental, you’ll want to ensure the space is the right volume for focused work. 

Non- Distracting Environment

What is stylish is not always conducive to efficient work. Heavily decorated spaces can be a distraction. Be sure the office space that you choose will not be a distraction to you, your team, or your clients. 

Comfort Level

An uncomfortable chair or wobbly desk can make it difficult to get work done. Make sure the office furniture is in good condition and is comfortable enough for you. 



Making sure you and your team are properly fueled for work is a good way to get the most out of your office rental. Many day offices offer complimentary coffee , water, or tea as well as vending services.

Parking Arrangements

A designated lot or discounted parking vouchers will save you money and help you to avoid the headache of searching for parking each time you arrive. Ask if either are available at the space you’re looking into.  


Getting the most out of your office space is important, especially when in-office time is limited. A day office that stands up to the challenge of today’s business landscape, feature’s key office accommodations, & provides you and your team with a professional environment will ensure your return to the office is well worth it.  

IOS offers high-quality day offices and conference rooms in the Chicago loop. Click here to learn more.

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