How to find the best WeWork alternative in Chicago

Your shared office provider is also your business partner. The advent of coworking has created tremendous opportunity and flexibility for professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. It has also uncovered some challenges, as highlighted by the recent headlines surrounding WeWork.  These recent troubles have many  businesses understandably looking for WeWork alternatives in Chicago and throughout the country.

Every coworking space provider has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to dedicate time to selecting a coworking company that meets your needs.  Finding a place isn’t the issue- finding a place that works for you is the hard part. In an effort to help you find the best WeWork alternative, we have listed five things to consider when choosing a coworking space.

  1. Sustainability
    Does your coworking provider utilize sound and responsible business practices?   As an owner or manager of a business your focus should not have to be on the financial health and stability of your coworking provider.

  2. Location
    Proximity is a primary consideration, but there are many aspects of a WeWork alternative’s location to consider, including: access to public transportation, area restaurants and cafés, building aesthetics such as landscape and décor.  Are there local parks, trails and other outdoor spaces that can help inspire your creativity?
  1. Amenities
    Be sure to set clear expectations for your individual needs. Your coworking space should provide more than just WiFi and conference rooms.
  1. Customizable
    Select coworking spaces that will set you up for success. This requires you to have a good understanding of how you work and what environment you work best in.  Once you’re clear on your needs make sure your coworking provider can deliver.
  1. Community
    Arguably the most important aspect of any WeWork alternative, community encompasses the mission behind coworking spaces. It goes without saying that your space should have a designated community manager that will assist you with whatever you need.

How Integrated Office Suites differs from WeWork:

  • Relationships before profit: We recognize that for us to be successful, our relationship with our members must be based on a mutual partnership. This acknowledgement drives our customer-centric business philosophy and affects our strategic and operational direction.  Of course profits matter but it’s how you get there that matters most.
  • Responsible Leadership: Our leadership team understands the challenges faced by small business and entrepreneurs.  We pursue strategies designed to create stability and sustainability so that our members can rely on us and focus on their growth.
  • Customer Service: We offer first-class customer service designed to support our members’ efficiency and growth. 
  • Mission Driven: We meet and exceed our obligations to our members, providing an inspiring environment designed for productivity, collaboration, and community.
  • Goal Oriented:  Short-term and long-term decisions are guided by our unyielding focus on financial stability and our commitment to our members.  

These principles have allowed us to grow and maintain a high retention rate amongst our members, most of which have been with us for over five years and counting. If you are looking for a WeWork alternative in Chicago, your search ends at Integrated Office Suites. We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your confidence and, ultimately, your business.