Integrated Office Suites, May 2021

Very few small businesses remain unchanged by the COVID 19 pandemic. In 2020, companies left their traditional office spaces en-masse to work from home, a business method that has posed both benefits and challenges to business owners and their teams. Today’s business landscape provides a unique challenge to small business owners. As restrictions begin to wane in the US, a return to traditional office space is becoming possible once again, but is it best? Striking the right balance in productivity, cost-effectiveness, and professionalism can be difficult. An office option that brings out the best of these areas can make a tremendous difference to small firms, and Integrated Office Suites has just the right solution. 

The Downfall of the Traditional Office Space

For small businesses in Chicago, office space costs an average of $76k per year. The rise in remote work has given many business owners the welcome opportunity to reconsider the necessity of this cost in operating their businesses. A recent Upwork study revealed The number of remote workers in the next five years is expected to be nearly double what it was before COVID-19: By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be remote, an increase of 16.8 million people from pre-pandemic rates.” (BusinessWire). Remote work is also expected to continue through 2021, “Back in May 2020, the Atlanta Fed’s Survey of Business Uncertainty… found that, on average, firms anticipated that WFH would triple to 16.6 percent of paid workdays after the pandemic ends, up from 5.5 percent before it struck.” (ChicagoBooth)

The Challenge of Remote Work

As many of us have learned in the past year, remote work is not without its own challenges. Most residencies are ill equipped to run a business efficiently. Many of the internet, telecom, and office supply requirements of small businesses and law firms today are too cumbersome to be handled efficiently on residential grounds.  Additionally, personal matters often blend unfavorably into the professional realm when working from home. Background noise, lack of space for organization, and even unprofessional Zoom backgrounds can have a negative effect on focus, productivity, and brand image. Overloaded internet and spotty telecom can put an abrupt end to even the most productive calls and Zoom meetings. Professional isolation has also required many business owners to take on the duties of an admin or paralegal themselves. Tackling additional work throughout the day can leave less time for key tasks, which takes a toll on the quality and timeliness of deliverables, and leads to stress and burnout.

Striking a Balance- The Integrated Office Suites Virtual Office.

At the intersection of the traditional office & remote work is the IOS Virtual Office. A full work week spent in the office is still quite rare. However, access to a dedicated, professional space to meet with clients or staff, have documents delivered, or tackle an important project away from the distractions of home can increase the quality of work you produce for clients and give your business a professional edge among competition.

Add professionalism to your meetings: On-site or on Zoom. (Private offices and conference rooms are thoroughly disinfected before and after each use)

The IOS virtual office experience is designed to rise to the challenge of today’s business landscape. We have partnered with Cisco Webex to include reliable, feature-rich telecommunications in our Virtual and Executive Client packages. Cisco Webex is multi-functional telecom software designed to help you reach new levels of productivity and connectivity while working remotely. These features can be conveniently accessed from your desktop computer or mobile phone wherever you decide to operate. Webex Meetings is available to all Virtual Office clients for an additional $5 per month.

Cisco Webex Meetings includes:

  • Video Conferencing.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Audio calling.
  • Audio conference calls.
  • A unique business phone number and extension.
  • Multi-functional mobile app.
  • Business phone & voicemail accessible via cell phone.
  • Secure instant messaging platform.
  • File sharing.
  • Voicemail-to-email service.



Virtual office packages at Integrated Office Suites start at only $300 per month. Included in this price are 18 hours to use in one of our private offices or conference rooms on the dates and times of your choice, fiber-optic internet and Cisco Webex services included.

Administrative Support 

As a virtual office client, you gain a full-time administrative support staff to take on administrative tasks; Freeing up valuable time to work on your most pressing projects. 

Your calls will be answered consistently and professionally, without the distracting background noise that comes with remote work.

Administrative Assistance Includes:
  • Call Answering
  • Call Screening
  • Guest Greeting
  • Office & Conference Room Reservations
  • Copies 
  • Prints
  • Faxing
  • Scanning
  • Document preparation and binding.
  • Mailing and shipping

IOS Virtual office clients are provided with a unique business phone number, call answering, and optional call screening services.

Office Equipment

As a Virtual Office client, making room in your budget and residence for bulky office tech and supplies is no longer necessary. Virtual Office clients gain access to multifunction printers with scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities in addition to reliable telecommunications systems and fiber-optic internet.

Distinguished Mailing Address

A distinguished address in the heart of Chicago’s financial district will give your brand a professional boost in the eyes of current and future clients, whether you’re operating from home or on-site. Mail can be picked up at your convenience during business hours, scanned to your email, or forwarded to you at your request. 

A virtual office at Integrated Office Suites is a great place to start navigating 2021’s unique business landscape. Let us show you a better way to work. Click here to Start the Conversation 

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